Looking for a place to use your talents or gifts?  We can always find something.

So many people enter the doors of churches everywhere feeling as if they have no purpose--It takes a lot to get ready for our weekend services and "Many hands make light work".
Every week there is something that needs to be done and YOU just may be the perfect fit.

On Thursdays we have work days to get different tasks completed. Not only will you find yourself sweating, cleaning, or lifting, but you will laugh, have fun and make new friends. This could be the perfect opportunity you have been looking for to get plugged in at Westcoast Church.

Serving is a sure fire way to get to know your church family. And while we are not perfect, we are all on the same journey to find God and live His purpose each day of our lives.

Call today to see how you can join with us to impact Englewood with the love of God!
941-474-7687 or email us at